Termite Treatment Services in Hyderabad

Termite Treatment Services in Hyderabad

Termites or white ants are capable of destroying an entire house including documents, furniture and furnishings. They do so without anyone getting aware of it. They breed beneath the ground and get up through tiniest of the cracks in the walls or flooring. While moving ahead they build mud channels around them to provide them with requisite shelter. So, next time you notice such marks on the walls of your house be sure that your house is under the termite attack. We have had the privilege of treating more than 35,000 houses for Termite treatment in Hyderabad.

Annual Maintenance Contract for Termite treatment in Hyderabad.

This basically includes stopping the movement of termites inside the ground by drilling the holes inside the ground at an angle of 45 degrees and then pouring insecticides inside the holes. The holes are drilled at intervals of 30 cm. If it is a ground floor, then partition walls are also given termite treatment. It takes roughly 4 – 5 hours for a 1000 sq ft premise for termite treatment.

Check up visits for Termite treatment in Hyderabad. :

Our service personnel visit your premises twice under a 1 year AMC contract. And you may call up at any point of time in case the termite recurs during the AMC period. Necessary termite treatment will be carried immediately in case of reappearance of termites during the contract period.

In case you book an AMC with us for your building, then we provide the following services:

Treatment of soil around the building for Termite treatment in Hyderabad.

A chemical obstruction is created between termites in the soil and the building that has to be protected. In case you have a concrete or masonry bond around the building walls, SS Pest’s Team drills holes in them at regular intervals of about 40 cms. Then insecticide chemicals are poured into those holes which helps in termite treatment and this also avoids recurrence of termites.

Treatment of Base of Walls for Termite treatment in Hyderabad.

All masonry walls and wooden items are treated internally to avoid occurence of termites. It is essential to treat the building at ground level for an effective termite treatment.

All Wooden Portions of the Building for Termite treatment in Hyderabad.

All wooden items like furniture, doors and windows are treated for termite control by drilling and spraying them with termite infectants. Any kind of recurrence is treated without any extra charges.

As a part of the AMC for Termite treatment in Hyderabad, regular check ups are carried out for termite recurrence.

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