Business care 365 - AMC


Business Care 365 - For QSRs, Restaurant chains, Hospitality sector, Retail Chains, Educational sectors, Warehouses, Malls, Business Centres, Food and Pharma processing plants etc.

SSPS provides commercial pest control services. We always customize a solution to suit every company's unique pest control needs.


By signing up for the Business Care 365 Plan, Commercial clients can take advantage of benefits, including:

  • Regularly scheduled inspections
  • Prompt treatment of existing pest(s)
  • Only household use prescribed chemicals suggested by CIB - Central Inspection Board are used
  • Preventive measures are implemented for long-term solutions
  • Service scheduled at your convenience
  • Fast reliable response for every enquiry
  • Trained & certified technicians to deliver services

Our Methodology

We identify the best program for your needs based on scientific research and custom solutions. We inspect, identify, and evaluate all the underlying reasons pests infest your facility. We detect any sanitation issues or structural conditions conducive to pests. Identification of pest activity: We examine and report any evidence of pest infestation. We consider your facility type, geography and any conditions conducive to pest activity.

Inspecting extensively to understand pests, their life cycle, problem areas, areas of hideouts, breeding locations, favourable conditions

Existing, incoming infestation & change of situation

Result measurement & implementation of recommendations, suggestions of corrective actions, habitat modification

To record, to study the trend, to improve upon gaps for long-term solutions

Rodents or Rats are more than an irritation. They can be harmful to properties and health.They can cause transmission of diseases by contaminating food particles. This can be a serious cause behind transmission of diseases. S S Pest Control Services in Hyderabad is known for its comprehensive Rodent Control Services in Hyderabad. Our protective and preventive services against rodents form a perfect solution to protect against rats and rodents. We provide specialised Rodent Control Services in Hyderabad in Residential and Commercial establishments including malls, hospitals, airports, schools, prayer grounds, buildings, pharma industry, food establishments etc. We also offer Area Specific rodent control services in Hyderabad.

Let us find out the Rodent Control Services in Hyderabad offered by S S Pest Control Services

1) Residential Rodent Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

a) Common areas in Buildings like Car Parking Lots, Building Exteriors, Gardens, Compounds and Sundries b) An annual contract which consists of specialised treatment at periodic intervals.

2) Commercial Rodent Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

a) Annual Contracts with Weekly or Fortnightly Services as per the size of the premises