Treatment Approach

What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a science-based approach that combines a variety of techniques. By studying their life cycles and how pests interact with the environment, IPM professionals can manage pests with the most current methods to improve management, lower costs, and reduce risks to people and the environment.

IPM tools include :

Grow plants that resist pests, disrupt development & behaviours of pest, Preventions of pest problem developing.

We have adopted ERDM approach

E - Exclusion.

Keep them out. Proofing, barriers, incoming goods control.

R - Restriction.

Control the environment to make it inimical to pests. This is where good hygiene SOPs come in, but also the appreciation of 'kill zones' in a process, the absence of dead spots and areas where debris (and pests) can build up.

D- Destruction.

Removing the pests in the most efficient and safe manner. May be poison baits, sprays, fly killers, heat, CO2, etc.

M- Monitor.

Continuous monitoring on protection measures are working, and that they continue to work even after infestation Control has been achieved.

G - Good Quality & Standard / Practices

O - Open Solutions & Transparent Results

A - Advance Technology & Performance

L - Learning & Development